Cornet FreshInPac

On 1st of September 2019 a project under CORNET 26th call was launched. Project title: Active packaging for Fresh Food Market (FreshInPac) Scope of the project: New multifunctional packaging materials with tailored active functionality (ethylene scavenging; release of plant based antimicrobials; water vapour condensation control) will be developed to extend the shelf‐life and to maintain safety of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Numeric simulation models will be also developed to design these packaging materials. Furthermore, ethylene absorption kinetics and permeability will be determined and mathematically described which has been rarely done before. Additionally, new ethylene scavengers will be developed using nano‐structured powders of involved SMEs. All active materials will be embedded into biopolymers with high water vapour transmission rate.

Project Partners
Fraunhofer IVV – Germany
ATB – Germany
Celabor – Belgium
Materia Nova – Belgium
KCPK – The Netherlands
ZUT – Poland
Natureef – Poland
Project duration:
01.09.2019 – 31.08.2021
Articles about the project and the guide for active packaging users

Project co-financed by NCBiR under the CORNET initiative