We invite representatives of the media who are looking for verified information and expert comments to contact us. As an organization bringing together entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and product development specialists, we are happy to answer your questions on the following topics:

  • Packaging (plastic, paper, biomaterials): production, technology, application, innovation and the latest trends (recyclability of packaging)
  • Environmental aspects of the production and use of packaging: environmental impact and ways to reduce it, waste collection, recycling, reuse of recycled packaging
  • Economic aspects of the production and use of packaging: market trends, profitability, customer interest, impact on food waste
  • Legal regulations concerning the packaging market: Polish and European regulations
  • Circular economy: any issues relating to the packaging value chain

Contact for media

NATUREEF Association
ul. Cyfrowa 6
71-441 Szczecin, Poland
+48 605 488 487

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