Industry 4.0

The team headed by PhD Eng. Krzysztof Pietrusewicz, associate professor of ZUT supports Natureef members
in adapting companies to the challenges of Industry 4.0

We cooperate with you according to the following steps:

Analysis of the company's potential
interested in implementing the Industry 4.0 assumptions:

  • determination of the technological advancement of the organization and determination of priorities for the immediate and further future - development of resource metrics, determination of the level of coherence with the assumptions of Industry 4.0 implementation in Poland,
  • finding and using the strengths of the organization, determining which systems operating in the organization can be used and - in the future - to integrate with new solutions,
  • help in finding the answer to the question what can be achieved thanks to cooperation with customers, suppliers, partners and even competitors thanks to the implementation of the Industry
  • analysis of the impact that changes will have on the value chain and relationships with customers,
  • active help in identifying the technological readiness level (TRL) of companies in the field of implementing the Industry 4.0 assumptions, including design based on models and virtualization of machine and device design processes (the so-called Digital Twins).

Pilot projects on the way to Industry 4.0:

  • participation in the development and consultation of the research agenda of the pilot project,
  • current analysis of knowledge gathered during implementation of pilot projects, indication of areas in which to invest,
  • participation in pilot projects as a consultant / project manager,
  • assistance in searching for research and development teams for project implementation.

Advanced analytics of strategic data based on pilot projects:

  • defining, based on pilot projects, resources that will be needed for further action,
  • indication of key elements for the introduction of a new, technology-based business model, assistance in developing new business models,
  • help in internal digital transformation, assistance in the selection of technology suppliers, performance monitoring, investor's advice,
  • analysis of the following aspects: organizational, human resources, organization of processes and technologies,
  • help in developing development paths of company employees in the field of training, education,
  • carrying out the training identified as necessary during the pilot training projects.

Source: „Przemysł 4.0 czyli wyzwania współczesnej produkcji” by PWC