Relations with suppliers and customers

The Natureef Association cooperates with raw material suppliers and customers using packaging. Initiates projects that cover entire value chains.

We are using CBiMO modern laboratory and pilot infrastructure

  • For testing and demonstration projects
  • R&D projects like Cornet,, ERA-Net, Horizon 2020, NCBiR.

We focus our research and demonstration project with Natureef members on:

  • A mono-material packaging, possible to be processed in the recycling process.
  • Packaging with an optimized structure - size, weight, volume, thickness.
  • Packaging from sources other than crude oil (bioPE, bioPP, bioPET and aliphatic polyesters, e.g. PBS).
  • Biodegradable, compostable packaging (paper, PLA, TS, PHA, cellophane and others).

Manufactures of raw materials

  • foils/films
  • chemical products/additives
  • composites

Packaging producers/converters

  • flexible packaging
  • semi-rigid packaging
  • cellulose packaging (paper/paperboard)

Producers of packed commodities

  • food producers
  • technical products
  • brand owners